Streaming music has become Warner Music's biggest business Featured

Another milestone in the music industry’s shift to streaming: Revenue from the streaming business has become Warner Music Group’s biggest business.

The company announced that money from services like Spotify and Apple Music was the single biggest source of recorded music revenue in the first quarter of the year, surpassing both physical sales and sales of digital downloads. That’s the first time any of the big music labels has hit that inflection point.

Fiat Chrysler CEO to pursue deeper relationship with Google Featured

The partnership with the Mountain View company is "very, very focused," he said. "It has a very clear objective and a very clear timeline."

General Motors said it was moving quickly with Lyft to bring a self-driving taxi service to public roadways within a year. GM invested $500 million in the ride-hailing company in January, which was described as a “long-term strategic alliance.”

BlackBerry brings video calling to Android and iPhone BBM users Featured

BlackBerry is trying to widen the appeal of BBM: last month it dropped a $1-a-month subscription fee for access to additional privacy and messaging control features. But this comes as other messaging services are falling out of love with BlackBerry: in March Facebook dropped its native Blackberry app and WhatsApp plans to drop support for BlackBerry by the end of 2016.

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